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Episode 1: Getting Personal with Aurelie Biehler

Founder & CEO of bereavement platform Memoria Aurelie Biehler chats about her hope that companies will better support employees through the grieving process.

Episode 2: Getting Personal with Rachael Robinson 

Rachael Robinson is the People and Strategic Operations Manager at startup MYNDUP. We talk about ditching the one-size-fits-all approach to employee mental health support.

Episode 3: Getting Personal with Saná Walker (ACC, PHR, SHRM-CP) 

Known by many as the Chief Girlfriend at, Saná chats with us about equal pay and how it's just one important piece to improving overall DEI in the workplace.

Episode 4: Getting Personal with Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs (SHRM-SCP)

A Human Resources Consultant and Strategist, Sabrina educates us about the philosophy behind meaningful employee benefits and why extra dollars on a paycheck just don't cut it.

Episode 5: Getting Personal with Amy Spurling

Compt's founder and CEO shares insights from the ADP Marketplace Partner Summit, including ADP's global expansion plans, data security and privacy, AI in HR, and a shoutout to the ADP Partner of the Year, ZayZoon!

Episode 6: Getting Personal with John Coleman (CEBS)

A Senior Principal at Mercer, John Coleman dives deep into the world of employee benefits and even hosts his own show, Friends With Your Benefits. What is on the horizon for his clients? Tune in and find out!

Episode 7: Getting Personal with Dr. Jim Kanichirayil

Who better to speak with about talent strategy than the Talent Strategy Transformation Evangelist and Channel Partner Manager at Circa? We talk employee satisfaction and how it drives retention.

Episode 8: Getting Personal with Amy Spurling

Amy's back on Getting Personal to discuss the delicate balance between companies' efforts to retain talent and employees' explicit demands for support. Are companies truly listening?

Getting Personal with Jarrad Smith thumbnail

Episode 9: Getting Personal with Jarrad Smith

Jarrad joins us from the fire protection & security industry, known for hard work and high turnover. What can you do as a manager to create a better experience for your team and retain them?

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Episode 10: TBD 

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